Hi, I’m Gisella. This is my old travel diary.

My first 10 steps in Japan

23 December 2012 - 9:25pm -- gisella
Tokyo. Sightseeing from Mori Tower, Roppongi

Just one confession. I hardly challenged the patience of all my friends, family, colleagues and people just met around, talking obsessively about my planning before leaving to Japan. Because it was my first time on that side of the World, because it was my first time traveling completely alone... and because I was so excited!

It took me more or less three months to arrange everything: itinerary, reservations, budget. But also trying to understand how to move from a place to another without dramas, considering that orientation in wide spaces is not my super-power at all!

Then, of course. As soon as I moved the 1st step out of Narita Airport... I started to mess up the whole plan - even priding like never before of having, this time finally, a very good one. Immdiatlely, Japan seemed to me quite as I figured. But much more "easy" (and welcoming!) than expected.

The first 10 steps that, somehow, I moved in Japan can be a good start also for other people who are planning to take a trip over there - about the 11th to the 20th ones, I keep myself available to reply questions :-)

First 10 steps, on trip to Japan...

  1. Ryokan. And other nice places to sleep
  2. Fish for breakfast. And other freaky food
  3. Shopping. Geeky stuff, big fashion, etc. (coming soon)
  4. Keep calm & move around. By metro, train, bus... or city hiking?
  5. Tokyo. One city, no place, a hundred thousands faces
  6. They got the look! Japanese dress codes: when, where, cool! (coming soon)
  7. Unplugged but connected. About Internet & all the Apps that can... save you life
  8. Do! / Don't! Etiquette and good manners (coming soon)
  9. Cash matters. Budget, prices, payments (coming soon)
  10. Big missing. My wishlist for the next trip