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Big missing. My wishlist for the next trip.

25 January 2013 - 8:05pm -- gisella
Asakusa, Tokyo

Yes. I got off timetable. You know, days are running too fast...


I know, this is a very big fail. I was so busy doing things, and the last day I suddenly remembered - "Shit! I didn't go to Shinjuku!". Never mind. I have a very outstanding place to explore, next time I'm going to Japan (Oh yes-yes, I need to wait for a while, but it's already planned. Eheheh!).

Anyway, Shinjuku is something similar to a "city center", despite Tokyo doesn't have a proper center. I just passed by one evening, to get the highway bus to Kyoto. I took the West Exit of Shinjuku Station, and I had a short walk around the bold buildings in that area - mostly grand-hotels and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office.


Always at the first places in touristic guides, next to Asakusa. I never paid much attention to explanations about Ueno - I just caught that's it's important for historical reasons, plus there is a zoo. And a zoo is not a big attractive to me. So, I overcame Ueno this time.

Will evaluate if visiting or not, next trip.

Tokyo Dome

It's the baseball stadium of Tokyo. I heard that it's nice, surrounded by a large amusement park... and because there is an amazing spa over there!

I scheduled half a day at Tokyo Dome, then I missed the date. An unexpected diversion in the metro (missed some stops, it was morning and the train was "a bit" over capacity... ooops) caused me a couple of hours delay on my schedule.

It happens. Smile!

Imperial Palace

I didn't visit it, because I wasn't in the mood to make the booking (mandatory). To make a booking means that then you have to run behind the clock. And during a proper holiday after three years of no-holidays, it's not good to run behind the clock.

So... Imperial Palace: wish-listed.


I woke up early morning, and I went straight to the fish market. But it was Saturday, and the market was empty. No smelly fishes all over the places - sigh! So I took a short walk around, then I went to eat my sushi for breakfast.

Tsukiji during the business hours: wish-listed.


It's a place with very cool shops near Harajuku. I didn't go this time, because the size of my shopping was already out of control.

I will go, next time.


Located between Shibuya and Roppngi, it seems that it's one of the most expensive areas where to live in Tokyo - I prefer that prices to lease a flat over there remain a mystery to me. On the other hand, there is the Beer Museum Yebisu which sounds quite a funny place to go.

So... wish-listed!


The "hippy" side of Tokyo. I saw amazing pictures of this neighborhood, so I really want to go on exploration next time - It's going to be quite a busy holiday again!